Your Photo Critic (Free Entry)

You think you are a good photographer? You looking for get exposure and audience on social medias specially on instagram ? Don't be shy and confront them with the eyes of the influential Souhayl A: "As an experienced photographer and Art Director, I'm always looking for discover new emerging talents. I have been used for years to deliver portfolio reviews online or during photo festivals. Send me one of your photographs that you doubt about, or you consider among your bests. Every month I'll pick up those that will capture my attention to select three finalists. Then I will answer you in a constructive video in English, French or Spanish.

Before sending your photo :

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Portfolio Review (130 € -> 99 €)

You have a photo project in which you put a lot of energy and you wish to give to yourself a maximum of chances before show in it to the general public? Or before apply with your portfolio to photo contests or send it to Art galleries ? ... During this last years I've seen many photographers whose work was not bad giving up and remain definitely "amateur" while their work deserved a better destiny ! During two Skype Conf Calls of 45 minutes each, Souhayl A will take time to analyze in advance your portfolio for give you during a live video session his comments and tips for help you to disconnect emotionally from your own work for learn how to accomplish with success the difficult task of editing : "The advice I am going to give you is the result of several years of accumulating experience in the field as a photographer. But that's not all, my position as artistic director, my visual culture and my knowledge of the history of photography will also allow me to give you precious and wise advice that few professionals can deliver you."