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« Dominate parameters of your photo camera to gain in self confidence and compose your pictures like a Pro. »

- Souhayl A

Beginner Level :

The basics of Street Photography

Someone offered you a DSLR camera or you bought it for yourself to take some nice pictures and suddenly you realize that it's not that easy to use it because of the complexity of settings? Are you tired of shooting in automatic mode and even in that mode you find a way to miss photos you imagined ?

Do not worry, all what happens to you its logical because shooting outside of Smartphone is a real job which requires some knowledge.

This course is designed to teach you the basics of Photography, whatever the discipline you wish to be oriented to later. Of course the focus will also be on street photography in particular, with a good introduction to the subject. For the two days that we will spend together, I will not turn around and get right to the point with a focus on the essentials, without bothering you with details that you will have plenty of time to assimilate yourself once you will learned the basics.

These two-days summary that I have developed and refined over the course of years of teaching and practicing will save you time and help you burn the steps to go straight to the point.

At the end of this workshop, I make a commitment that you will know how to rise in technical competence and be able to master the essential settings of your camera so that you can photograph without frustration and with confidence exactly what your eye see in the viewfinder. Once you have acquired these technical basics, you can increase your knowledge switching to level 2.

© Souhayl A
© Souhayl A

Saturday morning meeting at 10a.m.

How to master your camera :
- A look at other modes of your device and their uses
- Advices for choosing your camera and lenses
- Situations when shooting in JPG is enough
- Is Automatic mode really for dummies ?
- Basic notions to know about aperture
- Basic notions to know about speed
- Basic notions to know about ISO
- When shoot in RAW and why ?

Some socio-psychology before photography :
- The déjà-vu to avoid in street photography
- Author rights of the image and it's limits
- The classic trainer in street photography
- What to avoid in Streetphotography
- The timeless in Streetphotography
- Street Photography like a sport ?
- Some good stories for start

The First steps in the street with your device :
- The rule of 3 thirds to know
- Learn how to frame your photos
- Techniques to learn light and contrast
- The default settings to always consider
- The best moments of the day to photograph
- Shooting in burst mode: good or bad attitude ?
- Techniques for playing with shadows and urban architecture
- Learn to read situations to know when to trigger and when to abstain ?

Framed walk in the streets of Paris in search of « snapshots »
- Learn to capture static scenes, priority mode Opening
- Tips for Successful First Steps in Street Photography

Lunch break

Discussion around photography, reading tips...

The afternoon of Saturday

Visit of an exhibition in Paris

A little history of Street Photography
- From Black & White to Color Street Photography
- Some great names of the French humanist school
- The new generation of Street Photographer 2.0
- Some big names from the American school

Different styles of Street Photography :
- The Close Up or get as close to the subject as possible
- Combine the human element with urban architecture
- The « classic/humanist » Street Photography
- The Color and the hard shadows in SP
- Know how to spot the shadows

Practicing in the streets of Paris with a special coaching with Souhayl A
- Work in speed mode to capture moving subjects

More tips

Sunday morning meeting at 10a.m.

Relevant tips to assimilate on your camera :
- Introduction to manual mode
- When to use M mode
- Usage of sensitivity
- Usage of the tripod
- The limits of ISO

Essential tips to know when you do SP :
- Exploit architecture and lines to force your composition.
- How to make yourself invisible to shoot beautiful pictures on the fly
- How to approach a subject from different angles to show different facets
- How to choose the right lens in Street Photography, adapted to each situation
- Being able to make a difference between the banal from the unusual on the streets

Lunch break

Discussion around photography, reading tips...

We continue our immersion into the streets of Paris

The Afternoon of Sunday

- Watch and copy the work of other photographers: good or bad practice ?
- How to diversify your photo practice (tracks of reflections, objects...)
- Photographers and inspiring websites and Instagram accounts
- Photo books that will inspire you in your daily practice

Practicing in the streets of Paris with a special coaching with Souhayl A

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