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« New technics of shooting and editing for helping you to build a strong portfolio, which will switch your work to another dimension from classic or commercial photography to Contemporary Art level. »

- Souhayl A

Expert Level :

Build an Author point of view and become a Visual Storyteller

You consider yourself to be, technically speaking, a good photographer ? Your photos are appreciated by your loved ones and your friendly close-circle, but you do not really understand why your portfolio is not accepted in call for entries, photo contests... ?! You don't really understand how other photographers manage to exhibit and sell their photos in galleries or festivals ?!

In other words, you use to post regulary your photos in instagram without gaining more visibility or followers. And when you send emails to galleries specialized in photography, they do not give you any answer... Same thing happens to you with photo magazines and portfolios reviews where you get only futile advices and some thin encouragement to continue ...

Well you have to know that all what is happened to you is not the result of a bad chance, or a nasty conspiracy against your person. Do not listen to those who tell you « There are too many competition between photographers that's why... ». If your work is technically good, it does not necessarily mean that it's outstanding till point to rock the History of photography. It may be that you are wasting your time doing photos « already seen and reviewed » with thematics already sold out for a long time... then you need maybe to redirect your strategy and accept to change radically your way of photographing and editing... things you can not do alone by yourself... Soon everybody will be able to produce great photos because quality of DSLR is progressing more and more and the difference between photographers will be not made anymore during the act of shooting, but in the final Editing which is the main weakness of most of photographers including masters who does not hesitate to hire the bests « Picture Editor » to help them to accomplish this hard task of getting detached emotionally from their images and select only effective photos with a 99% neutral eyes.

To summarize, all that happens to you is perfectly logical, because we are here in the field of Art where there are too many called and very few elected. So if you are ready to work with me, this course will open your eyes to the practice of photography at the dawn of digital revolution that we are living. During all the week-end, you will see how do I picture and edit... We can review together some aspects that maybe you do not master until now. My goal with this course is to give you motivation and open your mind to new horizons to help you to build an authentic Autor's point of view. And you can not do this task alone, even if you are talented because talent alone is not enough. You will have to work hard, insist and provoke enough « decisive meetings » to make the difference at the end.

© Souhayl A
© Souhayl A

Throughout the weekend

The technical aspects that we will work on :
- Learn how to manage background
- Looking for masterpieces photographs
- Learn how to build & produce photo series
- How to improve your editing in the best way
- Portfolio review & Photo Critic of your photographs
- When Fix Lens became decisive in your photo approach
- Chromy & palette of colors to know and how to combine them
- How to identify the best colors in the street and how to combine them
- Photographing in difficult situations, including in dangerous districts of Paris

Other important aspects :
- Editing is the Achilles' heel of most photographers, how to became better on this area ?
- Build a real author's point of view over the years (some advices and philosophy)
- Techniques to learn how to control your communication with others
- List and classify your photos and storage techniques to not neglect
- How to get closer to people and get accepted to shoot them
- How to approach influential interlocutors in the world of art
- How to build an artistic project in the medium/long term
- The psychology and the look of the street photographer
- 10 tips for be independant and succeed in editing

Aspects related to the photographer 3.0 :
- How to be visible online nowadays (Advices adapted from Digital Marketing technics)
- Advices before applying to Photography Contests, Art galleries, Artists Residences...
- Basics for learning how to build and succeed in your artistic communication
- Views about current context of the contemporary photography market
- Beyond photography : next coming from current digital revolution
- Basics of socio-psychology adapted to the street photography
- Rhetoric & communication keys to push your artistic project
- Issues related to social networks and the rights of image
- Technics to get your Instagram account off the ground
- How to set up your photo exhibition in 10 key steps ?
- Instagram tricks & social medias to gain visibility
- Instagram: the future of street photography ?
- Advices before design your own photo book
- Optimize your photos in postproduction.
- Other social networks to post IN

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