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© Souhayl A Paris

« Get closer to people and overcome all the obstacles to capture unique and real emotions in the street. »

- Souhayl A

Medium Level :

Let's do another kind of Street Photography

You already have a photographic practice, sporadic or regular ? You have the feeling that your level is not progressing, that you are always making the same photos ? It's meaning that maybe you need some new technical advices, to find new direction and subjects of inspiration... so you can rise up the quality of your Portfolio and finally shoot like a Pro.

This course will be for you an awareness and will bring you interesting ideas to be for you kind of a click, as you will have the chance to see how a confirmed photographer works.

All along the weekend that we will spend together I will accompany you in the streets of Paris and we will learn together to photograph in various situations. At the end of the weekend you will have another vision of street photography and enough tracks to explore by yourself more thematics. My goal will be also to give you the motivation and desire to continue shooting in the street for next months and years to the point where street photography will no longer have any secrets for you. Once you've mastered all street photography codes, you can pretend to bring your work to level 3.

© Souhayl A
© Souhayl A

Saturday morning meeting at 10a.m.

Practical work : Keys and methods to appropriate the street and overcome its shyness
- Walk in a busy district of the capital where we will practice
- Learn to step back and learn to feel the most photogenic situations
- Reminder of the main modes of the camera useful for Street Photography
- Techniques and excuses to dare to go to people and photograph them freely
- Optimize your photo practice to photograph only the essentials and zap the rest
- The decisive moment and its conditions : how to feel it, and how to provoke it...
- Review of the morning to see what photos everyone has managed to take during the walk
- Comment and correction of errors of everyone : constructives critics and tips for improvement

Lunch break

Discussion around photography, reading tips...

The afternoon of Saturday

Important tips and practices for definitely rise your level
- Think about the composition before shooting anything that moves ?
- Practice around the concept of speed for capture fast subjects
- When to shoot in color and when to take pictures in B&W ?
- Techniques to learn to identify unique topics in the street
- When to use a viewfinder and at what time of the day ?
- Tips for mastering the concept of speed in V mode
- Use the screen camera is it really a lazy habit ?
- How to successfully apprehend M mode
- Good composition in a single frame
- Learn how to spot unique topics
- Useful accessories to adopt
- Viewfinder or LCD screen ?

Practicing in the streets of Paris with a special coaching with Souhayl A
- Decryption of legendary images and group discussion

Sunday morning meeting at 10a.m.

Tips and techniques to improve your level and gain confidence and efficiency
- When one is not sure of oneself or when one has very little time to decide
- Know the sociology of his environment before taking out a camera
- Master the long exposure and the night-time photography
- The depth of field: the soft focus and the sharpness !
- The flash to unclog shadows against the light
- What should not be photographed in France
- The best time of the day to photograph
- The aim and holding of his camera

Put into practice in the streets of Paris with a coaching

Lunch break

Discussion around photography, reading tips...

The afternoon of Sunday

What you will not learn in Manuals and Books
- Adapted and ready-to-use DSLR Settings
- When to zoom in and when to get closer to your subjects ?
- Learn how to read light in the street and moving according to it
- Learn to be reactive to capture the famous « Decisive Moment »
- How to approach a specific theme and do Storytelling with your pics
- How to use smartphone application to orient yourself according to the light ?
- Print, develop your photos at home with which printer or do it in a laboratory ?
- How to manage the renaming, the sorting and the storage of its photos to better save them
- How to vary your compositions and choose your framing (Wide, Tight, Horizontal, Vertical ...)

Put into practice in the streets of Paris with a coaching

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